Marie Labajo - social development advisor ICI ASIA. board of directors Quidan Kaisahan

"Quidan's community-based approach is their greatest strength. I have been proud to be working with them and the work they are doing with the women's associations, breaking down their belief that they are powerless. Quidan's support restores the power to these women and builds local leaders committed to continuing the work within their communities."



Editha origen - community partner san miguel women's association

“I joined the San Miguel women’s association because I heard it can help with extra income projects which I especially needed for my kids’ schooling. Now I am also part of the alliance group that Quidan has helped our area develop.  Other sectors, like farmers, women and youth, have come together to make formal plans as a group. The alliance is a united force to pursue our plans. At the moment, this is to help protect and help children in our area.”

amelia mitchell - communications officer, Australian volunteers for international development 2017

“Being a part of telling Quidan’s story has been an incredible experience. At every turn, I saw more and more the commitment from Quidan to build strong, long-lasting relationships with the local communities. And how this has been the foundation for the impact they have made to the lives of those living in their partner communities. As an organization, Quidan are well-established, professional and open t0 the growth in communications as they look to attract new donors and expand their reach. Their inspirational work is one I will continue to support in any ways that I can.”