Community-based empowerment programs in Negros Occidental


Quidan Kaisahan is a non-government organization working for the unreached and underserved communities of Negros.

Through community-based collaboration, Quidan strives for a Negros Occidental where all people's voices are heard for genuine participation in government decision-making, there is no more child labor and all children have the right to education and individuals have financial independence.


Quidan Kaisahan is a leader in grassroots community development in Negros Occidental in the Philippines driving change through our three core programs:


Child education and protection

We work alongside children, their families and the community to remove all children from illegal underage work. Our child education and protection program addresses the wider issues of poverty, children’s rights and access to education for a long-term, child-labor free Negros.

Community Empowerment and Good Governance

We believe a strong community is one where everyone has a voice and a choice.  We work with community groups and engage local government to grow meaningful, participatory local governance.

Sustainable Livelihoods

We empower communities and individuals by providing training, skills and support to develop personal livelihood projects. These projects build additional, vital streams of incomes for individuals and their families.

Quidan’s community-based approach is their greatest strength. I have been proud to be working with them and the work they are doing with the women’s associations - breaking down their belief that they are powerless. Quidan’s support restores the power to these women and builds local leaders committed to continuing the work within their communities.
— Marie Labajo - Social Development Advisor, Board of Directors